Saturday, July 26, 2008


This weekend, my husband and I are working on my house -- trying to get it ready for sale! Yes, we still have two houses. Aren't we lucky in this market?! Anyway, so, we painted my stairs and they look great. Then, we painted the guest bedroom. What a mess! The primer is soaking through our first layer of paint and the paint is drying a totally different color than we had planned. I have paint on my arms and legs -- and oh, yeah, on my forehead! Oy!

Clearly, my "artistic abilities" have nothing to do with painting!

Well, if i ever get all this painting completed, maybe I can get the house on the market... let's hope that's sooner than later!

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Wezz said...

well, get a pic of yourself up on your blog! I bet you look very "crafty"! :-))