Sunday, May 30, 2010

Doodlebug has very little hair... why am I making hair ties???  :)  Well, because as I said in my last post, I have gotten carried away with covering buttons.  In fact, there was a sale this weekend at the fabric store and I found 10 new fabrics for buttons!!!  Yup, I have a craft addiction!  "Hi, I'm Kim and I'm addicted to crafting, creating, beading, sewing..."

Now back to reason for htis post.  Covered buttons are so sweet on ponytail holders.  And, I've decided that depending on the fabric, they can be appropriate for adults as well as tots, tweens and teens.  See what you think...
I'm having so much fun. 

Friday, May 28, 2010

Keep your Credentials handy...

I'm getting a little carried away with covered buttons.  :) 

To be honest, it's one of the most immediately gratifying crafts I have ever done.  Once I can "see" how a pattern will look in just a little circle, it's a quick jump to something fun and pretty!

So, the first project I've completed with the covered buttons is embellishing ID Badge Reels.  You know, those clips for an id badge that have the retractable cord.  Handy for people who need to swipe their ID during the day and for those who don't like it around their neck.

Here are a few...  let me know what you think.  They are in my Etsy store too.

Next up?  Buttons on hair elastics.  So sweet!!!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Key Wristlets

I am so excited about these.  I have been using one for a couple of years and can't imagine NOT using one not that I'm carrying all of Vivie's stuff as well as mine!

I finally hunted down the supplies and created several...

I would love it if you would check them all out at my etsy store.  Let me know which ones really catch your eye and if any of the pics need to be re-done. 

Monday, May 17, 2010

A Doodlebug Bathroom

This fabric just spoke to me.  I bought a yard without knowing what it would be.  Then, it hit me.  The fabric would inspire the upstairs bathroom.  It's whimsical and fun.  It brings in several colors.  It's happy and playful!

A simple valance for the window and a topper for the shower curtain.  Both lined with a plain white sheet.  So simple and yet, they add so much to the room.  Then, I painted the walls a soft aqua color from the fabric.  After I got a coat of paint on the walls, I thought, "hmm, this reminds me of a bar of Zest!"  Perfect for a bathroom!  :)

Then, I admit, I got a little carried away.  I added a band of the fabric to bath towels and hand towels.  They're adorable!  And finally, I backed a few washcloths with the flannel.  Oh, did I mention that the Doodlebug bathroom fabric is a flannel?  Ok, so maybe that makes the valance a little silly -- but it works!

If you've never had flannel backed washcloths, try them.  Now!  I started making them for Doodle and now I use them myself.  The flannel is so soft and luxurious, especially on my face.  I don't imagine I'll ever go back to plain washcloths again!

Beginning Anew

I've been on a long hiatus to enjoy the first year of my daughter's life. Every moment has been so very precious. And, the past year and a half has been very, very busy. The exhausting end of the pregnancy, we moved into our home as a family, we mourned the passing of far too many in the past year.... And now, I am feeling the desire to create again!

So much of my creativity has been channeled into making things for "Doodlebug" (our daughter). I've made a crib quilt, sheets, changing pad covers, curtains, a rug and tons of clothing. My next post will include some photos of her bedding. I really love the quilt.

Lately, though, I have also been making non-baby things. Particularly, my new key fob/leashes and ID badge lariats. It's fabulous to work with beautiful fabrics that aren't for the nursery!

So, welcome back. I've missed you!